Category: Multimedia

  • K-popped and J-popped

    It all started with Coffee Prince. Prior to that I was a big fan of the 2004 Korean drama Full House with Song Hye Kyo and pop star Rain. I liked the predictability of the characters in Korean dramas. Sometimes you need things like that in your life. After Full House, I didn’t really get […]

  • TV Whore

    One day to go before classes start. How can three weeks pass so quick? I’ve been spending my free time watching Veronica Mars on dvd and I haven’t finished season 2 yet. What I like about Veronica Mars is that it reminds me a lot of Nancy Drew and Sweet Valley that I used to […]

  • Ka-POW!

    Please vote for Pow Chavez to be the first Philippine Idol. My three-year-old nephew Miguel would be really disappointed if she gets voted off in the next eliminations. She’s got a really beautiful voice and Mr. C even predicted she’d be the first Philippine Idol. Just type POW and send to 2339. But do this […]

  • Underdog TV

    Have you been watching Bakekang? For those who aren’t into primetime teledramas, Bakekang is a komiks character who’s gifted with an unbelievably big nose, you’d want to introduce her to a rhinoplasty expert. It’s so popular now that even my busy boss has been watching it and admits to getting teary-eyed with the melodrama. Bakekang […]

  • I Digress…

    Okay, admittedly I’m not a big fan of big blockbuster films and Messiahnic characters trying to save the world but I really loved Superman’s latest feat on the big screen. In between my raging tonsils and my futile attempt to understand the workings of virtual capitalism (Please don’t ask what this is all about. I’m […]