Okay, admittedly I’m not a big fan of big blockbuster films and Messiahnic characters trying to save the world but I really loved Superman’s latest feat on the big screen. In between my raging tonsils and my futile attempt to understand the workings of virtual capitalism (Please don’t ask what this is all about. I’m trying not to remember.), E and I watched Superman Returns on its advance screening in Galleria.


The thing with movies like these is that you can’t really expect any grandiose or sweeping plots. It’s eye candy and sometimes you need those. I was genuinely entertained and we didn’t even pay a dime for it, except for that soggy hotdog sandwich we bought. E won the tickets in a PEX contest.

The short side of it though is that we were seated next to this couple, who were probably born in the middle ages and never knew who Superman was till that night. The girl, who was clinging to his man as if watching The Notebook, kept on asking whether Lois Lane knew Clark Kent was the man with the red cape. When Clark dropped his glasses, the girl sighed with relief that Lois didn’t see him without his glasses on or else she said, Lois would’ve found out that the Man of Steel was standing infront of her, wearing a suit of course. The guy, on the other hand, felt he was an expert in comic book films and commented on how Spiderman, Batman and Superman were all set in New York. What the? And oh, the girl insisted on shouting how swoon-worthy Brandon Routh was in tights.

But despite that, Superman rocked and I can’t wait to see it again at the IMAX!

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  1. hahahaha, ang tanga naman ng couple na kinwento mo, baka mga st.benilde yung mga yun!
    ang sarap i-blast into smithereens, hehehe.
    i agree, superman is nothing more but eye-candy, magpapalagay ako ng sumpa ng kamatayan sa sinumang kritiko na magsasabi na napakaganda ng superman returns. haaay, buhay

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