Please vote for Pow Chavez to be the first Philippine Idol. My three-year-old nephew Miguel would be really disappointed if she gets voted off in the next eliminations. She’s got a really beautiful voice and Mr. C even predicted she’d be the first Philippine Idol.

Just type POW and send to 2339. But do this on Sunday within two hours after the performances or else your votes won’t be counted.


2 responses to “Ka-POW!”

  1. […] Kung hindi mo kilala si Pow–loser ka. Joke lang, hehe. Siguro, di mo pa napanood ang Philippine Idol sa ABC-5. Si Pow Chavez, para sa mga hindi nakakaalam, ay isa sa mga contestant ng talent search na ito. Siya ang tinataya namin ni Mhay na magiging unang Philippine Idol. Siya rin ang Philippine Idol ni Mig-Mig, ang 3-year-old nephew ni Mhay. […]

  2. sayang i don’t watch tv… but i got to see her perform live 2 weeks straight and i get amazed everytime! i have lots of pow chavez videos… check out my youtube 🙂 tatlimpurps

    she has an album coming out maybe late this year or early next year… her compositions are awesome…

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