Five Years

February 28, 2011– the day when I rediscovered my calling.

It has been five years since I have taken that big leap into the unfamiliar. You see, I never really pictured myself as a hard-core journalist. Although I took up journalism in college, it was never my plan to make a career out of it. But as they say, sometimes life gives you a nudge into the right direction. And so I found myself working for GMA News, a few months after graduation.

First photo shoot for SONA
First photo shoot for SONA

Eight years later, I would again find myself at a crossroad. I was offered a job to produce a news program. Admittedly, I was anxious since I had little experience in TV production. But mostly, I felt excited to try something different, something new. Little did I know that I would take the greatest challenge of my career. I was to produce a news program anchored by Miss Jessica Soho. If the name alone doesn’t intimidate you, then the huge expectation for the show surely would. During our numerous brainstorming, meetings and technical dry-runs, I think I lost 10 pounds or more (which of course I have gained back and more ☺).

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Mosh Pit Weekend

So did you guys catch E-heads last Saturday?

E and I were among the thousands who went to their concert at the Mall of Asia. We were supposed to go to the first one but we were broke that time. Admittedly, I wasn’t exactly thrilled at the prospect of paying a thousand bucks to see the band when I used to see them a lot in UP. But I’m glad I went because despite the fact that we spent a lot just to see an ant-sized Ely Buendia and it was really a mosh pit out there, we actually had a blast.

The crowd

We arrived at the venue around 6:30, an hour and half before the show started. They said the gates were open around 3 and we were supposed to go there early to secure our posts. I’m glad we didn’t because it didn’t really matter since the silver tickets we had were really far from the stage. You had to be at the VIP section to see the actual band playing.

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A Change is Gonna Come

It’s August. Finally! Yeah, for some 2008 may be passing by too soon but I have my own reasons for wanting this year to go by fast.

The title of this post speaks for my current disposition. After almost two years of having to get up at 6 a.m., I now get a swing shift. Not bad, considering all the stress I’m gonna leave behind and all those stuff I could do in the morning. Yatah! I could finally enjoy the gloriousness of breakfast, hit the gym (as if!), watch Doraemon and learn Japanese in the morning. Juicy stuff to do.

I vacillate though at the thought of having to rearrange my life again. I hope this change brings something good. Wish me luck. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

Over the Rainbow by Anne Murray

Meet My Samshik

I’ve been sleeping with a pig recently, no pun intended.

Meet Samshik, the same stuffed pig Kim Sam Soon had in the drama. It’s the cutest, most lovable pig I’ve ever seen and may become a reason for me to go vegan.

Thanks, E!