Category: Wa(o)nderings

  • Beauty is Skin Deep (?)

    I haven’t taken notice of my skin till a few weeks ago. Somehow I feel I’ve gotten older in the past four years. My pores have become bigger and my skin blotchier than ever. One good thing though is that my skin have had enough of pimples. I used to think I wouldn’t get rid […]

  • The Best Things in Life are Cheap

    Okay, I confess. I am, unabashedly, a cheapskate. BUT I think I?m more than generous to people I adore. I?m just stingy when it comes to things that I consider luxury, things that my 9 to sawa job couldn?t afford after paying all those bills. I?m writing this down because I noticed that most of […]

  • Life’s a Beach!*

    I just got back from a brief getaway to Puerto Galera with some of my college buddies last weekend. With the sun,the beach and some great laughs, one could could never go wrong. I’ll leave the photos to tell you all about my awesome weekend. * Pasintabi kay beach bum Kat for using her tagline. […]

  • Bleak Christmas

    My grandma died a few days ago. I never grew up with her but she was a c0nstant force in our family. She was a little grumpy from what I remember but when it came to me and her other apos, she was always kind and gentle and you know very lola-like. It’s odd to […]

  • Pasko Nanaman?

    So it’s true. Habang tumatanda ka kumukupas ang kulay ng pasko. Pero bumalik man si Garci, akusahan man tayo ng pandaraya sa SEA games, maipit man ang bonus, mahuli man sa pagsa-shopping, hinding-hindi na mapipigilan ang pagdating ni Santa o ni baby Jesus. Sana naniniwala pa rin ako kay Santa. Mas masaya ang pasko noong […]