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  • Degeneration X

    Yesterday, I was chatting up with a buddy who works freelance for PCIJ. She said she had a talk with Ma?am Yvonne Chua, our copyediting guru, who actually remembers us to this day. Well, I said, she probably remembers us because of the dreadful copies she had to endure. I was quite taken aback when […]

  • Erring on the Side of Caution

    You say there is a big difference between freedom and conflict of interest, between half truths and propaganda, between self censorship and outright bowdlerization of our judgment. What else could we expect from a giant that not only feeds on public opinion, but more so, on the clout of the powers that be? Even in […]

  • Wish List

    1. Sana magresign na si Gloria para makapagbakasyon na ako. 2. Sana magresign na si Gloria para gumaan na ang buhay newsrum. 3. Sana magresign na si Gloria para tumigil na ang sakit ng ulo ko. Mahal na ang Ponstan 500. 4. Sana magresign na si Gloria para matigil na ang mga corny jokes sa […]

  • Geek Fever

    I wrote this for my online class. Just wanted to share with you my thoughts on music downloading and file sharing. Yes to piracy! 🙂 — For music buffs, gone were the days when they had to lug boom boxes, walkmans and even portable cd players. Thanks to digital music in the MP3 format, music […]

  • Sinong Mas Malala?

    Sabi ni Prof. Benito Lim na suki naming political analyst, mas katanggap-tanggap pa raw si Madam Imelda kaysa kay FG Mike Arroyo. At least daw si Meldita nakapagpatayo ng mga useful structures like the Heart Center, Kidney Center, Film Center, Cultural Center of the Philippines. Ang sagot ko, bakit si FG naman namigay ng mga […]