Yesterday, I was chatting up with a buddy who works freelance for PCIJ. She said she had a talk with Ma?am Yvonne Chua, our copyediting guru, who actually remembers us to this day. Well, I said, she probably remembers us because of the dreadful copies she had to endure. I was quite taken aback when my friend told me that she remembered us because we were (drum roll please) the last batch of journalism students she handled who could actually make good copies. She says most of her students now even have problems with their grammar. That?s just too bad. But you see, how can we expect our kids today to be good when education has become the least of our country?s priorities?

In the University of the Philippines, the ?better? teachers have gone their way to more lucrative teaching jobs. I would to if I keep on getting ghastly copies day by day by day. I probably could not keep up with the challenge Ma?am Yvonne has put on herself, ?not to throw away any copy, however bad it is.?

Is our generation really degenerating? I just had to ask because it?s frightening on the same level as awful grammar.

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  1. haha, wow mhay, kasama ako sa last batch who can make good copies! naknampu! hehehe!

    sana matuloy bakasyon niyo ni papa ederic. 😀 you deserves it. you has been working many hard.

  2. Kat: Katakot ang grammage mo. :mrgreen:

    Di na tuloy bakasyon namin. Umurong ang buntot ng German embassy. Baka raw mag-TNT kami sa lupain nila. Pucha, wala kaming balak magtago dun noh. Sa Italy kami! 😆

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