So did you guys catch E-heads last Saturday?

E and I were among the thousands who went to their concert at the Mall of Asia. We were supposed to go to the first one but we were broke that time. Admittedly, I wasn’t exactly thrilled at the prospect of paying a thousand bucks to see the band when I used to see them a lot in UP. But I’m glad I went because despite the fact that we spent a lot just to see an ant-sized Ely Buendia and it was really a mosh pit out there, we actually had a blast.

The crowd

We arrived at the venue around 6:30, an hour and half before the show started. They said the gates were open around 3 and we were supposed to go there early to secure our posts. I’m glad we didn’t because it didn’t really matter since the silver tickets we had were really far from the stage. You had to be at the VIP section to see the actual band playing.

Show started a few minutes past 8, not bad for a Pinoy band concert. I actually got turned off by the crowd who started booing while the MTV veejays were doing their obligatory spiels about the concert sponsors. And it wasn’t even 8 yet. Totally uncool moment for me. Try waiting for a big band perform at the UP fair and you’ll see what I mean.

The crowd went wild when the band kick-started with Magasin.

I was surprised that the band sounded really well. It must be those awful sound equipment in the past but I’m not a big fan of E-heads’ live performances. This time they actually sounded like their records, with a few twists. Ely was his usual devil may care self and Raimund was of course, the entertainer of the group.

There were three sets in all plus a bonus set at the end. The band played most of their hits and I really appreciated this since if you’ve gone to previous E-heads shows, you’d probably hear them play more of their experimental songs. Not that that’s bad but of course we love their old stuff. Like this one:

It was a fun night, definitely one for the books. My gut tells me this won’t actually be the band’s final set and I’m crossing my fingers for that.

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