So, obviously I’m not on any diet. Right now I’m at this stage where I just don’t care anymore if I’m overweight as long as I eat healthy. After spending most of my afternoons ogling at the delectable dishes on the Food Network, I realized that I love Asian food the most–Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Thai and Chinese dishes. Asian foods are so well prepared and have their own unique personalities.

I’m sharing some of the food I’ve been feasting on.


On weekends, E and I would go to the mall and eat Kuya Chito’s Takuyaki. Takuyaki is a Japanese snack made of vegetable and sometimes squid fillings, formed into a ball and drizzled with chicken or fish flakes, topped with mayonnaise and sauce. Yup, not exactly healthy but hey, they’re still made with vegetables so I figure it’s okay.

Bibimbap and Kimbap

I’ve been practicing my culinary skills with Korean dishes recently. The first Korean dish I learned to eat and prepare is bibimbap, which translates to mixed rice. My version includes ground beef, eggplant, carrots, sayote and fried egg. You can actually mix anything with the sticky rice. The key ingredient is the gochujang (red pepper paste), which you can buy in Korean grocery stores or at the Asian food section of your favorite supermarket.

Another popular Korean dish is kimbap, which is the Korean version of sushi. I love Japanese maki and sushi so I was thrilled to make my own kimbap. Mine includes canned tuna, egg, Japanese radish, carrots and cucumber. Below is a photo of the kimbap in Silla restaraunt in Timog Avenue.

Bulgogi, Japchae, Dubu Kimchi, et cetera

Last night, my officemates and I went to Silla and I got to try other Korean dishes. I loved the dubu kimchi (stir fried kimchi with tofu), which we also had in Gela restaurant recently, as well as the japchae (glass noodles) and the bulgogi with chicken, beef, pork and squid.

So there you go, my favorite dishes of the late. I wish everyone a food-filled weekend!

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  1. Thank you very much for your post on your dining experience at Silla. It’s always a pleasure to read about our customer’s dining experience. Please come and visit us again, soon!

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