I’m finally going to admit it.

I have a problem.

I’m an addict. 

I’m addicted to Just Jared and Perez Hilton and all these entertainment blogs around the web.  I can’t help it.  It’s my thing.  We all have our own thing so give me a break, okay?

So, I started getting into these blogs through Lyn Ching.  She introduced JJ to me.  We’d read all the latest gossip about the Hollywood stars we love to hate.  Zanessa and Brangelina were always hot topics.  If you don’t know who they are, then good for you.

Anyway, at first I would just check these blogs once a day, just to look for the latest gossip I could bring home to my friend George.  She adores Brangelina so anything about them or about their multi-colored kids was always a topic of heated discussion at home.

But then I started craving for updates.  I can’t keep up anymore how many times I open these sites in one day just to look for latest showbiz news.  And before I go to sleep, I just have to have my gossip fix.

I’m afraid my cravings are getting bad.  I hope that blogging could keep my mind off the distractions.  So now, I’m finally talking about my addiction with Just Jared and Perez Hilton on another window of my browser.

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