I’m back.  Yay!

So much has happened in the ten months I’ve been away.   In a gist, I just finished 18 units of my course work.  If I’m lucky, I have about two years left to finish this thing.  That’s if I’m lucky.  I’m having a really difficult time juggling work, school and my personal life.  I don’t even have a social life anymore and my cyberlife has been, well, limited to Friendster and Facebook of the late.

It’s embarassing that I don’t have a life ’cause the things I have to do always get in the way of having one.  But I’m not going to drone away anymore with this self-pity crap and just start reviving my cyberlife.   Moving along..

First off,  I changed my theme.  Well, actually E changed my theme.  I love this train image.  It reminds me of the visuals in my all time favorite Wong Kar Wai film Chungking Express. 

Another thing, I’m starting my portfolio for all the professional stuff I have lying around my computer a.k.a. research studies and articles I did in the past.  I’ll start to upload some in the coming days.  WARNING: It’s not for the fainthearted.  Ha! :-p

So, I’m officially back.  For now at least. 

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  1. Welcome back!

    That’s the downside to post-college school, your personal and social lives immediately drop to zero. Negative pa nga kasi you owe people gimiks pa! 😛

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