Okay, after whiling away for a few weeks (or is it months now?), I’ve decided to jot down something here. I am leaving my thoughts on the Ultra tragedy for my column and the other blog. My better judgment tells me not to write about my recent bouts with insanity and dreariness. I’m leaving that subject for my crappy poems. Happy thoughts. Happy thoughts.

Well, since my last post I’ve decided to be a total slut over bad boy images. First, there’s Ryan Atwood of The O.C. played by actor Benjamin Mckenzie, who looks like a young version of Russel Crowe (another bad boy I absolutely adore). My life has been reduced to The O.C. reruns airing Tuesday nights on Star World. For those who aren’t into the show, The O.C. chronicles the lives of rich, young snobs from the posh town of Orange County in California. The O.C. depicts how being thin as Marissa Cooper or rich as Seth Cohen does not spell a perfect life. As if I still needed to be reminded of life’s imperfections. But still, I feel a sense of triumph watching these gorgeous characters live their imperfect lives. Benjamin Mckenzie is just too cute to watch, sporting his wifebeater and those puppy dog eyes.

Ben Mckenzie

Then there’s the Taiwanese drama Mars starring Vic Zhou who surprisingly plays a bad boy this time. My friend Iris told me all about this Chinovela so I got curious and now I’m totally hooked. Vic Zhou plays the character of Chen Ling, a biker-racer and notorious womanizer who falls for the silent artist Qui Luo played by Barbie Hsu. God, I just love bad boys. I mean good, bad boys. Good-looking bad boys. Romanticized bad boys. I love ’em.

Vic Zhou

So while battling with my inner demons, I’ve been watching two hotties these past weeks. Not bad for a pathetic life.

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