Let me just categorically say that getting a shot at a visa with a Filipino citizenship is just fucking hell.

E and I were at the German embassy yesterday for our scheduled interview. The stiff procedures were unnerving really. There I was answering questions from a fellow Filipino who was grousing me, asking how much I earn and where I work. I know the old lady was just trying to look for a clue, a twinkle in my eye perhaps that says I’ll just end up becoming one of those TNTs.

I wonder how our embassies abroad treat foreigners who want to visit our country. With a red carpet laid perhaps? Champagne and caviar on the side?

Ang hirap talagang maging Pinoy.

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  1. hay naku, myla! can we just imagine how our own embassies in other countries treat compatriots especially domestic helpers! nakapanggagalaiti talaga!

  2. oooopps! sori, si iris ito. nag-automatic sign in sa username ang icequeen. di ko na natanggal. hehhehe.

  3. KAT: Para sa World Youth Day sa Cologne, Germany this August. Bibisita rin kami sa Tita ni Ederic sa Munich and hopefully short trip in other EU countries. 😛

  4. wow, pa travel travel nalang si mhay ngayon. kahit nga sa sarili nating bayan, mas pinapaboran mga dayuhan.putik. mapaloob at labas nga bansa tayo ay itinuturing na mababa. This should be stopped we don’t know how!

  5. CRINA: Sana nga matuloy kami. I really deserve this break. It’ll be my first long vacation after three years of slaving. Nakakalungkot talagang maging 2nd class citizen sa bansang pinanggalingan. 🙄

  6. Hi Mhay, I share the same sentiments… Just had my visa interview at the US Embassy last June 23, good thing, i made it. 😛 Was given a 1-year multiple entry visa & is renewable. So I’m scheduled to leave for Guam on July 19, 1-week lng naman for an official business function…
    On that fateful day, there was an old couple, I suspect in their 60s, who shed their tears while saying, “Pls. consul, allow us to see our daughter in the US before we’ll be gone in this world”, “here are the land titles of the farms we own in the province… examine the funds we have in the bank, etc.”… and yet were denied. Too bad.

  7. Buti kami di nahirapan kumuha ng permanent resident thingmajig. Nung may mga orientation chuchu ok naman treatment, parang excited silang paalisin kami, hehe. 👿

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