Last night I remembered why I hated hospitals so much.

8:35 p.m., Sct. De Guia

E called saying he went straight home so he could go to the loo. He’s been shitting (excuse the term) liquid for the past 5 hours or so. Couldn’t have a bite to eat because he’s already feeling nauseated. I thought I might as well bring him food and the polymagma I have in my medicine box.

8:45 p.m.

I arrived at his house. As I hurried to go to the patient’s room, I completely overlooked the drenched floor and went tumbling down the three steps. I felt the searing pain as one heavy butt fell after the other.

8:50 p.m.

E took a bite of the greasy adobo courtesy of the neighborhood carinderia. His stomach did a double and he had to puke.

?Tara na, Punta na tayo ospital,? I pushed.

He didn?t have a choice.

9 p.m., St. Luke?s Medical Center

The emergency room was packed. People were sitting on these really hard, lonely chairs. Some were moaning, complaining about what joints ached. I could feel the gloominess overpowering the place. One hour of blood tests, hydration, people running about and I?ve had enough.

10 p.m.

Tick-tock tick-tock. Still waiting for that damn nurse to show up. E has disappeared again to the men?s room to relieve himself for the nth time. Good thing this Kamasutris game on his cellphone really amuses me.

10:30 p.m.

Potah, dead bat na.. Still no sign of that fucking test result.

And so it all comes down to this. I sulk.

11 p.m.

Still sulking, Yawn.

11:30 p.m

Haven?t these people heard of this entertainment box called the television? I?ve had enough of sulking so I start to rant. I complain about having to wait for hours before they give medication to their ailing patients. About the lack of seats for their patients. About the snooty manner they treat non-patients. And this is supposed to be one of the best hospitals in the country? God help us.

12 mn

Finally, the doctor approaches us and gives a shot at the medical terms involving this and that, blah blah blah.

12:20 mn

Free at last.

I hate hospitals. Really.

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  1. Hindi mahaba ang pag-iintay ninyo, ano?

    Dito din eh, doktor lang haba ng pila, meron pang isang doktor, mamamatay ka na ata, sasabihin pa rin walang masama sa katawan mo, hehe.

  2. hope he’s ok na…

    there must’ve been too many patients in the hospital, that’s why they weren’t able to give you guys the result right away… the medical techs must have had a load of specimen to test… 🙂

  3. musta na pala si E, hope ok na kayo pareho. talagang may mga araw na masusubok patience natin. ako, i fear about going back to hospitals, and staying overnight to watch over an ailing relative. fresh pa rin kasi sa’kin yung death ng nanay ko nung 2000…
    pero about the lousy service, haay, bawiin ko yung una kong sinabi, talagang wala ka dapat patience d’yan. mga snooty na nurses, tapos mga equally snooty na doctors. naisip ko tuloy yung e-mail about Cardinal Santos. grabe kung ako yung, siguro mag-mumura ako. “putang ina kayo, anong akala nyo sa’min, second class citizens. alam namin, hinihintay nyo na lang approval ng visa nyo para makapag-Canada at US na kayo, leche!”
    or something like that.

  4. ederic, anong sandwich yung nakain mo and where mo binili? grabe, mahilig pa naman kami mag-food trip sa PUP.
    mahirap na nga talaga ngayon. ang daily word ko na ngayon ay E.Coli like, “hmmm, may E.Coli na kaya itong 2 week-old sponge namin?” or “ambaho naman ng CR, kumalat na ata ang E.Coli sa mga dingding”, or gush natalsikan ng tubig from the toilet ang binti ko habang nagbubuhos ako, may E.Coli na kaya ito?”
    i read from a magazine na dapat pag-nafaflush, nakababa ang lid kasi otherwise, magtatalsikan ang mga microscopic droplets of germs thousands of feet into the air at kakapit sa lahat ng makapitan nito, dingding ng banyo, the pail, the faucet, you face while you’re staring at the toilet…

  5. haha! 😆 putangina jp kadiri ka! haha!

    napaisip tuloy ako, ilang beses na kong nagpupunta sa cr. ilang milyong germs na kaya ang kumapit sa pwet ko?

    yan kasing si ederic walang pang-amoy. hindi siya siguro naamoy na sira na yung cheese pimiento sandwich na kinain niya. :mrgreen:

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