My bestfriend Lou got hitched last Saturday. She married my other friend Kim in a simple ceremony in Angeles City.

Recently, I realized how old I’m getting, not just because it’s getting more and more difficult to fit into my own clothes or that I’ve become more conscious of the fact that I already have some grey hair hiding somewhere. I knew I was getting old because I’ve been attending more weddings of people my age or even younger. That must mean something, right?

Anyway, I haven’t attended any other wedding before where I knew both the bride and groom. Usually I was either with the bride or the groom. This made Kim and Lou’s wedding more special to me aside from the fact that I was with my other old friends whom I grew up with.

During the ceremony, my friend James said he felt weird that our friends were getting married. We all knew each other since high school, some even longer than that, but we never thought that a wedding was in the works for Kim and Lou. I think it’s really sweet though. I’ve never seen Lou that giddy so I’m happy for both of them. No one deserves each other more than those two so I wish them a good life.

I’m sharing some of the photos I took from my phone. The quality sucks but it’s better than nothing.

For those looking for love, I hope you get the kind that these two have.

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