Last Sunday we were in Bamban, Tarlac for another dose of barf fest a.k.a., those annual family reunions that I really dread. I’m not very keen on attending these kind events and be judged by how you look, how fat you’ve become, how rich and successful you’ve been over the year. God, the superficiality of it all makes me wanna puke. I had to attend because my grandma and tita were there. They just came back from San Francisco.

The highlight of the event aside from the feast of roasted pork and cow (PETA surely hates us now) is the mass presided by my cousin Kuya Jay, who was recently ordained. Nanay (my lola) was teary-eyed during the mass. I’m sure she was really proud of her apo.

After the mass, someone said that the family already had a doctor, teacher, engineer and now a priest. Unfortunately there isn’t a lawyer in the family yet. It actually got me thinking. I could probably take up law in the future and be like Brian George Lindemann who blogs about lawsuits. On second thought, I could travel the world and enjoy its resplendence. That would be a blast.

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