Okay, I’m only doing this because I’m on vacation.

Here’s 20 random facts about myself (as if these would interest anyone):

1. I rarely sleep on my back.
2. I’m embarassed about this but I’m a natural nitpicker.
3. I’m usually shy, like I’m actually cringing now while writing about myself.
4. I’m a frustrated violinist.
5. I’d choose vanilla over chocolate anytime.
6. California maki could make my day.
7. I used to have a huge crush on Martin Nievera (or so they say).
8. I’m a cold-hot person. Go figure.
9. I believe that more than a few relationships could/should end.
10. I can’t write shit when I’m not in the mood.
11. I’m a snob. Sorry.
12. I hate animosity. Really.
13. I believe that there’s injustice because we allow it.
14. I’m an obsessive compulsive clean sweeper.
15. I’m a perfectionist. There you go.
16. I like to take short naps while reading a book.
17. I sleep with my hotdog pillow.
18. I can be too hard on myself sometimes.
19. I can’t stand apathetic idiots.
20. My life is boring. *yawn*

Ederic tagged me so I’m tagging 15 people. I can’t believe it actually took me 15 minutes to think about random stuff about myself.

I’m tagging:
1. Kat
2. Noise
3. JP
4. Mitch
5. Siri
6. Jtee
7. Elvin
8. PJ
9. Crina
10. Josh
11. Jalwyn
12. Ate Tex
13. TinaP
14. Gladys
15. Eric

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