Month: October 2007

  • Cleaning Out My Closet

    I was cleaning some stuff when I found this one I wrote back in May of 2005. I don’t actually write a lot in Filipino. This one’s untitled. Minsan, sinusubukan ng panulat kong magtae ng mga salita. Pilit hinahasa ang bolpen, sinasaid ang tinta. Karaniwan, gusto kong ubusin ang mga pahina ng aking notbuk. Kayurin […]

  • Some Things Never Change

    Hanging out with my favorite girls back home. It’s getting crazy in front of the photo booth. Can we look more fugly? Find Nemo!

  • Shameless Plug

    My four-year-old nephew Miguel has a video blog.  E set this one up some time ago so we can share some videos and photos we have of him. Here are some quick facts about Migmig: He was born on January 19, 2003 in Angeles City. He loves to eat vegetables. He has long, curly hair so people […]

  • Week Ender

    Another week has passed, thank God. People from work would probably kill me for saying this, but I’m so sick of Manny Pacquiao that I wish something big happens next week. Anyway, here are some random photos from this week. Louie and Kuya Vic showing off their cool shades. Carol joined in. Carol and I […]

  • I’m Myla and I’m an addict.

    I’m finally going to admit it. I have a problem. I’m an addict.